#HollywoodHashtag Thursday, May 25

To no one’s surprise, Ariana Grande has officially suspended her European tour in the wake of the terrorist attack at her Manchester show earlier this week that left 22 people dead and many more injured.  

At this moment suspended until June 7th- In Paris

An unconfirmed report on social media claims Ari has reached out to the families of the victims of the Manchester attack and has offered to pay for funeral expenses. So far there's been no confirmation from Ari's camp.  

More Details HERE

Harry Styles is from Manchester, currently on tour… last night in Mexico City he paused to address the incident, shares he went to his first show there, a lot of great experiences and ended with this; 'We have a choice, every single day that we wake up, of what we can put into the world, and I ask you to please choose love every single day.'

Harry played a small acoustic set for fans and promised he would be back in Mexico City in the future for another gig. He also asked the audience to join him in a moment of silence for the victims and their families.

You know we are not all perfect – Bieber hanging out at a NY nightclub, performing his hit “Despacito” …. Cell phones do not lie, watch!

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