PK and Denise UPDATE - 9/10/18

Your Monday update... PK’s post-op surgery went very well we say Nick Rossi and saw Dr. Kercher on the way out...both we're impressed with how bad his shoulder was! Saying it was a no brainer how / why it kept dislocating! So happy we got it fixed, and hopefully for good now! PK will have another followup in 2 weeks and then physical therapy! 💪🏼 

I got word I can’t talk and need to get another scan tomorrow as I shouldn’t be in this much pain still... my oral surgeon said I may need to wire my jaw, please let’s hope not! 🤐 

Our boss Dan, our afternoon host Maddox, and Promotions Director Lauren are coming in early to help on the show this week.  PK even linked up a text to talk so I can be apart of the show too.

It's Also day 3 of liquids only. I downloaded @myfitnesspal to keep tabs on calories and nutrition. Pk already failed and ate a chicken sandwich and spaghetti 😂 !! 

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