PK and Denise UPDATE - 9/11/18

Tuesday update! I had a follow up appointment with my oral surgeon... he says no need to wire my jaw shut (🍾) yayyyy!! With that said the next TWO weeks are crucial to healing so zero 🗣 talking and only confirming only liquids (no chewing whatsoever) 

But I wonder if I can smile? That would be so hard not too!! ... 

PK says he’s getting a bit better each day, of course sore but we’re getting a lot of rest. Little Kiki - she’s just snoring away...I think she loves that we’re home more. 

Thank you for checking in as always and join us tomorrow on air- boss man Dan is filling in for reposts and PK setup a text to speak for me via laptop so I can still be apart of the show. Podcast back next MONDAY too! 

Love y’all ❤️ #pkanddk

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