What A Creative Fella & Only in RUSSIA! Man Turns Bentley into #Ultratank

UPI: If you are like me you think Bentleys are a top of the line ride! I've personally never been in one...can't even imagine actually ever owning one, but this one I may just fly to Russia to check out!

Meet Konstantin Zarutskiy- and according to UPI, the Russian automobile enthusiast has turned an old Bentley Continental GT Sedan into a customized "Ultratank."!!!

Konstantin, who has a vehicle-focused YouTube channel with 3.7 million subscribers, says it took him seven months and many technical difficulties to upgrade his vehicle.

Most importantly, he replaced the car's tires with tank treads. The treads are rubber instead of metal, so they won't damage roads. He is in the process of trying to get the Ultratank declared "street legal" so he can drive it through the streets of his hometown of St. Petersburg.

Love his enthusiasm!


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