PK and Denise Are "Ally's Friends" On Dancing With The Stars!

It all started a few weeks ago when Ally Brooke performed at our Power 96.1 Power Pride concert...We we're chatting about her experience on Dancing With The Stars and I told her how I was a huge fan of the show. My words something along the lines of; "Dancing With The Stars is the only TV show that I can watch LIVE and never miss an episode" ... Ally casually responded ... "come to a show, you can be my guests!" ...

AND that's how it all happened!

Here's the thing... don't ever offer an invite unless you really mean it, PK and I live with the motto #liveagreatstory ... and don't talk about it, be about it. so BOOM - We we're there!

Check out some of our photos/videos of our "28 hours in LA" !!! and Let's GO #TEAMALLY !

Check out our IG stories highlights HERE


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