What's That Noise Hangout Fest: Wrong Guesses

We're sending one of you to Hangout Fest on May 15th - 17th on the beaches of Gulf Shores, AL! Listen for your shot at the trip with What's that Noise at 6:10a, 9:10, and 4:10p. Can you guess the noise? Listen to it here. Then check back daily to see what noises have been guessed.

All the wrong guesses will be listed below:

Tuesday, January 21st

6:10AM - Coin organizer/sorter or Duryan dropping his mic

9:10AM - Plugging in aux cord to speaker, opening a bag of popcorn, money counting machine

4:10PM - Shaking a bottle of medicine

Wednesday, January 22nd

6:10AM - Diving board, punching bag, snow crunching

9:10AM - Sitting on couch covered in plastic, ice maker

4:10PM - Breaking a stick in half

Thursday, January 23rd

6:10AM - Drumsticks on snare drum, deck of cards being shuffled

9:10AM - Parking garage ticket machine, seatbelt, plugging in electrical guitar

4:10PM - Opening the seal of a Pringles can

Friday, January 24th

6:10AM - Garbage disposal, salt or pepper grinder

9:10AM - Making coffee, money counter

Monday, January 27th

6:10AM - Spring behind door, pruning tool

9:10AM - Removing a security tag on clothes, needle on a record

Tuesday, January 28th

6:10AM - Ice scraper, ice machine, reloading and running in Call of Duty (or video game)

9:10AM - Arcade ticket dispenser, whoopee cushion, packing box

Wednesday, January 29th

6:10AM - Tree falling down, opening umbrella

9:10AM - Ejecting or putting in VHS tape, crunching on ice, dog eating food

Thursday, January 30th

6:10AM - Straw going into a lid, vending machine

9:10AM- Popcorn, 3 ring hole punch

Monday, February 3rd

6:10AM - Breaking drywall, dominos

9:10AM - Sewing machine, ATM machine dispensing cash

Tuesday, February 4th

6:10AM - Recording on cell phone, jukebox

9:10AM - Smashing a bag of popcorn / or anything to do with popcorn, opening up luggage

Wednesday, February 5th

6:10AM - Gravel, opening a can soda, tearing off packing tape

9:10AM - Vending machine prank (where Duryan got PK a soda), closing blinds, automatic soap dispenser

Thursday, February 6th

6:10AM - Snow shoes, opening up package, cereal dispenser

9:10AM - Ripping cardboard, turning knob on candy machine

Friday, February 7th

6:10AM - Cracking ice, pulling down paper towel, wiping hands with paper towel

9:10AM - Velcro, car driving over speed bump, snow

Monday, February 10th

6:10AM - Jackhammer to breakup cement, box being opened, driving over cellphone

9:10AM - Tree falling over, shuffling deck of cards, chainsaw

Tuesday, February 11th

6:10AM - Tire rolling, garden sprayers (weed killer), recycling plant / rock grinder

9:10AM - Twisting or crushing a water bottle, ROTC drill line

Wednesday, February 12th

6:10AM - Cleaning out the gutters, starting a motor, crushing a water bottle

9:10AM - Putting something into gear, phone book or notebook, stepping into sand

Thursday, February 13th

6:10AM - Compacting trash, dribbling basketball

9:10AM - Someone rolling down trash can to road, nothing to due with snow.

Friday, February 14th

6:10AM - Twisting balloon to make ballon animals, closing window

9:10AM - Stepping or crunching up leaves, bath bomb being run over

Monday, February 17th

6:10AM - Raking leaves, stepping on pine cones

9:10AM - Pig eating, opening up umbrella

Tuesday, February 18th

6:10AM - Shovel scraping shingles off a roof

9:10AM - Opening a bag of popcorn (nothing to do with a microwave), dropping a piece of luggage down the stairs

Wednesday, February 19th

6:10AM - Snow, shaking leaves in a box

9:10AM - Box of packing peanuts, dumping out wheelbarrow

Thursday, February 20th

6:10AM - Mystery box w/ crickets, deck of cards being shuffled, shaking or slapping a branch

9:10AM - Old calculator or register printing out receipt paper, automatic stamp machine

Friday, February 21st

6:10AM - Doggy door, eating/ peeling, cracking crawfish

9:10AM - Putting headphones on microphone / hanging up headphones, ripping paper towel off rack

Monday, February 24th

6:10AM - Laying down gravel, wiping feet to get dirt off when entering house

9:10AM - Walking on gravel, opening/closing a screen door

Tuesday, February 25th

6:10AM - Plugging in phone, shoveling/scraping snow

9:10AM - Breaking ice, mulch

Wednesday, February 26th

6:10AM - Running in snow, limbs breaking from a tree

9:10AM - Flipping thru a book, Stepping on twigs

Thursday, February 27th

6:10AM - Shuffling a deck of cards, stepping on a bottle

9:10AM - Man falling off the roof, jumping on a pile of leaves

Monday, March 2nd

6:10AM - Pulling plastic off case of bottled water, opening up coffee, opening box of k-cups

PK's HINTS ... nothing to do with coffee, it IS removing something, recorded sounds in our boss office, Duryan came up with the noise!

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