76 Cars Broken Into At Luxury BeltLine Apartment Complex in Atlanta

Alright, this story sounds absolutely CRAZY! Atlanta Police say 76 cars we're broken into at an apartment complex parking garage early hours of Monday, January 20th.

Residents who live in The Edge apartment complex say security gates at the garage have been broken for more than a week. We spoke with one resident, Lauren, who just moved into the complex this past September. Lauren shares that her apartment, along with three others we're broken into the same night in December. The thieves unfortunately, the crime spree is a growing trend as four apartments, including her own, was broken into on the same night in December. The thieves ransacked her unit, taking over $2500 worth of personal belongings, and her door is still not fixed after the theivesused a crowbar, stealing $2500 worth of her personal belongings.

Take a listen to our interview with Lauren below at 34:50.

Many of the residents claim the problems began after Connor Group, the new management company, took over.

Atlanta police say patrols have increased in the area. Everyone still is disbelief that 76 cars we're broken into ... how could security not see this happen, and what about the 24/7 security cameras?

The management group has not commented.

Image: Getty Images

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