LOCAL HEROES: How To Help Vanessa & Medical Responders On The Front Line

Earlier on the show we spoke with Vanessa, who is a loyal listener of "PK in the Morning" show ... we've chatted with Vanessa a lot on the show as she always beat Duryan in "back in the day" segment ... always so positive at 6AM!! Check out our full interview above.

Vanessa took the call to help in the center of COVID-19 in the heart of NYC ... This is the time where we all need to come together as we STAY AT HOME this virus is vicious and unpredictable.

Vanessa shares with PK; please donate ... there is TREMENDOUS need here. Masks (any kind – homemade, with buttons, surgical, N-95, respirators), hand sanitizer, eye protection/shields, gowns, bleach/sanitizer wipes, fanny packs.

If you have kids, or a teacher, give them something to do and have them make cards and pictures for us to post in the hospitals and hotels to keep us inspired!

Please reach out to us at mornings@power961.com if you can donate or make cards ... we will send to Vanessa on our radio family's behalf.

Vanessa recently created a GoFundMe, where you can donate HERE.

Image Credit: Vanessa W. on Facebook

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