The Sauce, With Sos 8/5/21


Remember that blowout birthday party that President Barack Obama was planning to celebrate his 60th birthday this weekend? Well, you can thank the Delta variant for cancelling that. 

A rep for the former president said yesterday that even though they’d been planning the soiree for months and doing everything to be COVID safe – including hiring a doctor to be the “COVID Coordinator” – the Delta variant made it dangerous. Now the celebration – which was supposed have 475 guests and almost 200 hirelings – is just going to be a close friend and family affair. “[Obama is] appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon,” the rep added. 

As we told you, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and George Clooney were just a few of the expected guests. And instead of gifts, Barack wanted people to donate to programs supporting kids and people of color. Word has it that some of the attendees were already on Martha’s Vineyard.Now we know that their schedules have an opening…



A famous Italian clothing designer is suing Kendall Jenner for only appearing in one of two contracted photo shoots. Her management team is blaming COVID – and the fact that Liu Jo refused to be flexible.

According to the paperwork, Liu Jo struck a deal with Kendall in early 2019 to pay her $1-point-5 million for two photo shoots – one for the Spring and Summer 2020 campaign and the other for the Fall and Winter 2020. While she did the first shoot in 2019, the pandemic happened. While they tried to reschedule with the reality star, they say she “ultimately turned down all of Liu Jo’s good faith offers of compromise.” They even tried to do a shoot with her in Italy when she was there for another designer in the fall of 2020, but she turned them down. At that point, it was clear to them that she had no intention of fulfilling their contract and they sued her for at least $1-point-8 million.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s team says they tried to arrange a shoot in the US during the pandemic, but Liu Jo wasn’t trying to hear that. A spokesperson for The Society Management says “This suit is without merit. The Society Management, on behalf of Ms. Kendall Jenner, has continually offered Liu Jo alternative dates and locations to fulfill an agreement that was forced to be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.” In addition, she “has willingly offered to complete services honoring her commitments.”



Seth Rogen is letting fans know he’s alive and well. He’s been posting more pottery pics than selfies lately, which led one TikToker to write a song about whether the star has been kidnapped by a “shady ceramicist.”

ChrisCanBeFunny’s funny TikTok urging folks to "check on Seth" has gone viral, and caught Rogen’s attention. The actor himself has shared the video on Twitter, saying it’s “very funny and not at all true.”

“I have not been kidnapped!” he writes. “This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!”Check out a clip of the song to the right.

Source:Seth Rogen

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