The Sauce, With Sos 8/11/22

Judge Sides With Olivia Wilde In Round One Of Custody Fight With Jason Sudekis

A judge has dismissed Jason Sudeikis' initial custody petition against his former partner, Olivia Wilde. He wanted the case heard in New York, she wants it heard in California. The case will continue in California.

As you might recall, Sudeikis publicly served Wilde custody papers while she was on stage promoting her film, "Don't Worry Darling," at Las Vegas CinemaCon in April. In court documents, Wilde called Sudeikis' legal tactics "outrageous." “Jason's actions were clearly intended to threaten me and catch me off guard,” Wilde offered. “He could have served me discreetly, but instead he chose to serve me in the most aggressive manner possible.”

Of course, after the backlash about the way she received the documents, a source close to Sudeikis claimed in the press that he had no idea she would be served that way. But now it appears he absolutely did – at least as it relates to the public nature of the service.

Source: Daily Mail

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn “Wildly Happy” Together

As I told you, reports claim Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are engaged, but regardless of whether that’s true or not, one things for sure, things are going well in the relationship.

A source tells “Us Weekly,” that the couple, who’ve been dating for five years, are “wildly happy together and are excited about their future together.” The source adds that “they love dividing their time between England and Nashville,” noting, “That’s the way they both like it.” 

The couple has been very private with their relationship, and that’s been the key to their success. They also like to do their own thing, which has apparently been good for them.

“Once Taylor and Joe started dating it became apparent to both of them that they were happiest doing their own thing in a low-key way,” the source shares, noting “That was a big reason why they bonded.”

Source: Us Weekly

Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Know Anything about Beauty Products So She Created a Company (???)

Millie Bobby Brown openly admits to knowing nothing about beauty or skin care. But that ended up being her reason for creating her own line called Florence by Mills.

 In an interview with "Allure", she said, quote, "I'm going to take you on this journey with me, so we can learn more about botanicals, serums, fruit and vegetable extracts, enzymes . . .

 "Things that are so important for your skin, but we don't know about because we're young. Everything’s anti-aging . . . de-puffing. We don't know what that means."

 She's hoping she can educate Generation Z through her brand, while also learning more herself.

 Also, remember when she dated a TikTok guy who said some horrible things about her? She says it took her a year to heal from that. (Page SixPeople)

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