Study: '786' Top Area Code for Scam Calls in Florida

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(Miami, Fla) - South Florida has the top area code for phone and text scammers who target victims' hard-earned money in the state.

BeenVerified analyzed more than 150,000 complaints over the past two years and found 786 is the top area code for scam calls in Florida.

The company also revealed the top 12 numbers that were most commonly reported as scams. 

Nine of those numbers were related to unwanted text messages which tried to get users to click on a suspicious link or call a phone number, according to BeenVerified. 

'Consumers must remain vigilant when it comes to phone calls or text messages,' Robert Lowry, vice president of security at BeenVerified warns.

'Be skeptical about anyone demanding immediate payment or sensitive personal information. Never disclose banking details or personal data to anyone over a call or message. 

'If in doubt, hang up and independently find official contact details and reach out to verify.'

Never to click any links in a text and never send money immediately via Zelle, gift cards or cryptocurrency.

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