Eerie Video Shows Ghosts Appearing On A Tesla Driving Through A Graveyard

Photo: Getty Images

Teslas have some features that are unlike any other vehicle. Of course there is the self-driving function, but they also have doors that unlock when the driver approaches and a key that could come in card form. Then there's the touchscreen, which serves as the central display for driving information and apps. One of the functions of the screen is to show nearby objects and pedestrians. It's helpful, especially when driving at night, but what it showed one group of people was enough to give them nightmares.

The driver, who is actually a Tesla employee, was taking a spin one night with a friend and his cousin when they decided to drive through a cemetery. As they made their way past the gravestones, the touchscreen in their Tesla started to show people walking by them, and the longer they spent at the burial ground, the more "people" surrounded them. The driver filmed it all and posted it on TikTok.

WARNING: This video contains some harsh language.

Sometimes, Tesla engineers include Easter eggs on the car's system, but the driver stated that he can "confirm this is not an Easter egg Elon added as I've tried this many times. It's not just picking up the gravestones as even if it was they would show as stationary on the screen." Also, viewers in the comments said they tried it at cemeteries near them and nothing happened.

The car uses cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors to detect and identify the objects near the vehicle. As yet, there is no official explanation for the "people" shown on the touchscreen in the video.

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