Chilling Video Shows Strange 'Shadow Creature' With Glowing Eyes Behind Boy

Photo: Getty Images

An innocent video of two children playing hide and seek has become much more sinister because upon further inspection, it might not have just been a child hiding in the clip. The video, which was filmed in Mexico, shows a little girl finding a boy behind a large rock and yelling "I found you!" As the boy reveals himself, what looks like a tall, dark figure with glowing eyes rises behind him.

The footage was posted to TikTok, where viewers were unsure if they were seeing an animal, something supernatural, or just an optical illusion. A slowed-down version of the clip was later shared on YouTube to better show the creepy 'shadow creature.'

Commenters had plenty of suggestions of what's in the video. One stated that the figure is actually another girl who "who has her back turned, the shadow's eyes are the girl's pigtails," but another wrote, "I think that all of us who have lived in the countryside or in rural areas know that it is not a good idea to play hide and seek at night, my grandmother said that when it gets dark the demons will be there."

There is no official word on what the figure is.

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