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Your Weekly Horoscopes - Week of December 4, 2023

It's a brand new week and already the second week of December! How is your week looking for your sign? Check out this week's horoscopes below:

· ARIES – A rare opportunity is presenting itself, it may be exactly what you need. Your week is an 8.5

· TAURUS – you need to take pride in even the lightest of wins this week. Your week is a 7.0

· GEMINI – You have a lot of plates spinning right now, but things will begin to slow down. Your week is a 6.9

· CANCER – Find a way to feel more powerful. Avoid negative thoughts. Your week is an 8.0

· LEO – You need to take a more grounded, logical, and low-key approach to any disagreement this week. Your week is an 8.0

· VIRGO – You’re starting an adventure that feels intimidating. Break it down piece by piece. Your week is a 9.2

· LIBRA – You’re going to be caught up in your own little world, sit in it. Your week is a 9.9

· SCORPIO – You are a bit on edge this week, avoid someone who is egging you on. Your week is a 6.8

· SAGITTARIUS – You’re getting a lot of great ideas, make sure to write them all down! Your week is a 9.4

· CAPRICORN – If you get up and move you will find that your energy and enthusiasm, along with your optimism, will return. Your week is an 8.0

· AQUARIUS – You are feeling frantic, cornered, and pressured…get out now! Your week is a 7.0

· PISCES – You are feeling regret about something you recently said to someone. You can and will make things good again. Your week is an 8.7

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